At Cookin1, we want to
change the way people eat.

Cookin1 aims to provide Singaporean families the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home cooked meals minus the planning, shopping and thus providing a hassle free experience.

Everything required for your meal is thoughtfully curated, locally sourced and delivered to your door at your preferred selected time.

At Cookin1, we want to change the way people eat. We believe by eating responsibly, that is, to reduce raw ingredients wastage, we can all help Singapore to move towards a Zero Waste Nation.

our story

Joanne is the creator of food-in-a-box meal prep kits at Cookin1 and Bakein1. A heart for food prompted the former corporate executive to abandon her 9-5 job and create easy and fresh food-prep kits that even a kitchen noob could follow and make in no time.

Her passion in baking and cooking sprouted since Secondary School days. She proudly remembers her glorious achievements in Home Economics, now known as Food & Nutrition.  Joanne strongly believes that there is a chef in everyone and by removing the hassle of planning and shopping for groceries, one will choose to cook a healthy meal at home versus eating out.

Furthermore, the pre-portioned kits can help fellow Singaporeans to reduce food wastage. According to NEA’s statistics, Singapore generated 791 million kg of food wastage in 2016. This is equivalent to 2 bowls of food per person per day!

Cook or Bake with our pre-portioned kits and let’s all do our part to help Singapore move towards a Zero Waste Nation!

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